AAAASF Fee Schedule

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The AAAASF commitment to patient safety is at the forefront of all we do, and as a not-for-profit corporation, we do not have shareholders to satisfy. However, as with all businesses, periodic price increases are necessary to accommodate the increasing costs of doing business and enhance the benefits we offer to accredited facilities and patients.

AAAASF makes every effort to control costs and keep the price for our services as low as possible to provide the best value for facilities. AAAASF last increased its fees in 2016 and planned to increase fees for the first time since, in 2020. However, at the beginning of 2020, the global pandemic shifted our focus to ensuring facilities like yours had up-to-date information, guidance, and resources to navigate the many challenges presented by COVID-19. Additionally, we know that 2020 created financial challenges, and we felt that an increase would create an additional burden on struggling facilities.

After careful analysis and consideration, AAAASF has determined it necessary to implement a modest fee increase of 10% for all invoices beginning in July 2021 (for renewals, this reflects accreditations expiring in January 2022). The rate change will result in an average Annual Fee increase of $181, with over 80% of facilities experiencing an increase at or below the average.

The upcoming accreditation fee increase will help to accommodate costs associated with administering the accreditation programs, including survey expenses, in addition to bringing continued advancements to the AAAASF accreditation programs, such as:

  • Accreditation portal which will allow facilities to maintain accreditation documents, update staff information, and pay invoices online,
  • Digitized survey and self-survey process to increase efficiency and accuracy,
  • Accreditation standards updates,
  • Improved Patient Safety Data Reporting user experience,
  • Expanded web presence, education, and recognition of accredited facilities and their achievements, and
  • Interpretive guidelines to enhance understanding and standards comprehension.

The pandemic and the attendant concerns it has raised among the public, have made patients the most aware of healthcare safety and infection control practices they have ever been. Accreditation is a demonstration of your commitment to their safety, and AAAASF is here to help.

View the full Fee Schedule.

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