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Dec 1, 2016, 15:33 PM
AAAASF takes pride in its programs and employs precise requirements for surveyor documentation and performance. The Quality Assurance Committee is charged with analyzing survey data and carrying out AAAASF’s improvement efforts.

As part of Quality Assurance, AAAASF administers a validation survey process. A validation survey repeats the checks of a routine survey, shortly after the routine survey occurs. The objective of a validation is to verify the prior survey team’s performance conforms with the expectations and policies of AAAASF. Validation surveys seek to ensure standardization and provide significant surveyor oversight.

Reminder to Facilities and Surveyors

AAAASF will conduct validations on 3% of all accredited office-based surgery centers and conducts validations on 5% of Medicare facilities each year. As an accredited provider, the state and AAAASF reserve the right to conduct unannounced validation surveys.

Please keep in mind that your facility may be subject to a validation shortly after your routine survey. While validations focus on the performance of the previous survey team, the facility is responsible for addressing any resulting deficiency citations.

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