Is your facility interested in accreditation?

The most important decision is choosing the right accreditation organization for your facility.

AAAASF is unique among accrediting agencies protecting patients in ambulatory settings. AAAASF stands out from its peers as the Gold Standard in Accreditation because we require:

  • surgeons to be board certified and have hospital privileges for any procedure that is performed.
  • the use of anesthesia professionals for deeper levels of anesthesia.
  • a safe surgical environment, equipment, drugs, etc. through specific standards.
  • office-based surgery settings that are equal to hospital standards.
  • regular patient safety data reporting which allows us to monitor trends (complications, mortalities, etc.).

Becoming accredited by AAAASF

To start your accreditation process your facility will need to complete the application that corresponds with your facility’s program. The application along with other required documentation is available under Documents.

The application requires submitting essential information about your organization including but not limited to:

  • ownership and management,
  • a floor plan of your facility,
  • types of patient services provided.

When all materials are received your specialist will confirm your survey availability and work with the scheduling department to get your survey scheduled.  AAAASF facility surveyors are board-certified physicians, professional nurses or therapists, trained to perform a thorough and complete facility survey.

Preparing for a successful survey

Preparing for your survey doesn’t have to be stressful. AAAASF provides a Standards and Checklist booklet and self-survey and resurvey materials to facilities to help ready themselves for their upcoming survey.

Your facility will work with your dedicated accreditation specialist to prepare for the onsite survey. You will receive an individualized description of the specific events that will lead you up to the onsite survey. You will also receive an outline of the survey to help you understand the process, whom to have available, and the information that must be ready for the onsite visit.

We suggest your facility actively participates in the onsite survey and prepares with operational discipline, attention to detail and a focus on the patient. Patient safety was paramount in the mindset of the AAAASF founding members and continues to be the beacon of light that guides the organization today.

After the survey

Your facility will receive a formal survey report shortly after the conclusion of the survey to identify any areas for improvement.  Identified areas of improvement must be addressed by a written Plan of Correction. A facility with a Plan of Correction will have a set time frame to submit evidence showing that it is now in full compliance with those standards. We communicate the final decision of all surveys to any appropriate state or federal agencies to facilitate official recognition.

It’s important that your facility maintains 100% compliance on an ongoing basis. AAAASF accreditation is a continuous process that requires adherence to rigorous standards at all times between onsite surveys.

Publicize your achievement of AAAASF accreditation by notifying patients, the public, the local media, third-party payers and referral sources. We will provide you with a sample press release, as well as AAAASF accredited artwork to feature in your marketing materials, website and social media channels.