Peer Review Opening Soon

Nov 15, 2017, 08:00 AM

Peer Review online reporting is scheduled to open January 2, 2018 for cases performed during 2017 Period 2 (second half of 2017). Reporting will remain open through February 16, 2018.

We encourage you to start gathering the cases and any sequelae in advance. This will ensure you are prepared when the system opens in January.

Peer review is a mandatory component of AAAASF accreditation as required by the AAAASF standard 700.020.010 (below). If this is your facility's first time logging into peer review, please call our office after January 2nd to receive your user name and password.

As always, if you have any questions regarding the completion of your peer review, please contact the Peer Review Help Desk at 888-545-5222 or email

AAAASF Standard 

Peer review is performed at least every six months (biannually) and includes reviews of both random cases and unanticipated operative sequelae using the AAAASF forms and reporting format. A random sample of the cases for each surgeon must include the first case done by each surgeon each month during the reporting period for a total of six cases. If a surgeon using the facility has done less than six cases during a reporting period, that must be reported to the AAAASF Central Office and all that surgeon’s cases during that period must be reviewed.

There are two ways for a facility to report its peer review to AAAASF:

  • Enter cases through the online reporting system at and follow the links for Peer Review. Your user name and password will be needed but the website also contains a “forgot password” function in case you need assistance.


  • You may download the forms online and each operating surgeon may complete his or her reports in hard copy and send them to the AAAASF central office. AAAASF staff will then enter the data for you in the online reporting system. There is a $100 charge per operating physician for this service.