Training & Registration

AAAASF broadens patient safety through training and workshops

Through periodic training programs and workshops, AAAASF helps advance patient safety by educating others to do the same. We wish to recognize the instructors who lead our training programs and workshops:

  • Dr. Gary Brownstein
  • Dr. David Watts
  • Dr. John Newkirk
  • Dr. Ronald Iverson
  • Dr. Monte Goldstein
  • Dr. Samir Shureih
  • Claudia Ann Morehead, PT
  • Dick Hillyer, DPT, MBA, MSM
  • Rosanne Petro, RN
  • Elsie Crawford, RN, BSN, MHA
  • Thomas Terranova, MA
  • Theresa Griffin-Rossi, CAE
  • Upcoming Training Events


    Training Overview

    • Surveyor Training

    • Facility Workshops

    • Continuing Medical Education