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AAAASF strengthens its presence in the Middle East with events in UAE

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Pictured here are Dr. Tarek Bayazid, Dr. Hasan Ali accompanying AAAASF as part of surveyor training, Dr. Jamal Jomah, General Secretary of EPSS, President of the Saudi Plastic Surgery Society, and President of the Pan-Arab Plastic Surgery Society, Dr. Gary M. Brownstein, CEO of AAAASF and surveyor, Dr. Zuhair Al Fardan, President of EPSS, and Thomas S. Terranova, Executive Director of AAAASF on a survey at a local center.

AAAASF Executive Director, Thomas S. Terranova, JD MA, and CEO, Gary M. Brownstein, MD, have spent the last several weeks solidifying AAAASF’s presence in the United Arab Emirates. Specifically, in Dubai where the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) recently announced a new law making international accreditation mandatory for all Day Surgery Centers in Dubai. As a DHA approved accreditation agency, AAAASF’s leadership focused on building partnerships, by meeting with societies such as the Emirates Medical Association, and educating clinics on their options for accreditation and AAAASF’s impact on patient safety. Additionally, the team built an appreciation for AAAASF’s educational approach among a variety of stakeholders.

AAAASF’s collaborative efforts included multiple meetings with the DHA and the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP), the organization that oversees regulation of the health sector in the Northern Emirates. Both DHA and MOHAP personnel attended the AAAASF workshops and are exploring future joint efforts. During future trips AAAASF is also planning additional outreach to the Department of Health, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai Healthcare City Authority, which regulates facilities within the special economic zone of Dubai Healthcare City. Notably, the alignment of AAAASF’s strict mission of patient safety with the government’s objectives, was a central topic of all meetings.

On July 14, Mr. Terranova held a press conference to help the centers and public understand the benefits of accreditation and that the new law has put an emphasis on the health and safety of the people of Dubai and patients electing to be treated in Dubai by demanding centers meet world class standards. He was also interviewed on Al Aan TV and on Hawas TV along with the President of the Emirates Plastic Surgery Society (EPSS) Dr. Zuhair Al Fardan.

In addition to many visits to Day Surgery Centers around Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Mr. Terranova and Dr. Brownstein held an accreditation symposium to provide centers with technical assistance regarding AAAASF and preparing for the accreditation process. AAAASF also held a surveyor training session to prepare local medical professionals for future AAAASF center inspections. At the end of the trip Dr. Brownstein conducted three in-person inspections, to renew the accreditation of Hasan Surgery FZ LLC, the first center in the United Arab Emirates accredited under the AAAASF International Surgical Program in 2016, and to provide initial accreditation for Med Art Clinic Day Surgery Center and Glamour Care Clinics LLC.

View additional photos from the trip to Dubai. Watch Thomas Terranova’s interview on Hawas TV.  Watch Dr. Zuhair Al Fardan’s interview on Hawas TV.

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