Educational foundation donors 2017

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People who help support the AAAASF Educational Foundation

Donations to the Educational Foundation help support important educational programs and research for medical facilities, health care providers and patients. Donate Today!

AAAASF would like to recognize the following individuals for promoting patient safety by donating to the AAAASF Educational Foundation in 2017:

Irina Alekseyeva, MD
Alberto J. Arguello, MD
Steven E. Bansbach, MD
Daniel Tehrani-Bassiri, MD
Clifford Botwin, DO
April Brewer, RN, BSN
Jack Bruner, MD, FACS
James M. Clayton, MD
Brannon R. Claytor, MD
Bonnie Denholm, RN, MS, CNOR
Tanvi Desai, PT
Vipul Dev, MD
Stephen A. DiGiovanni, MD
Kerry Entrekin, RN
Ethel Feldman, RN
Carol Fischer, RN
Alan M. Freedman, MD
Catherine Genender, RN
Monte Jay Goldstein, MD
Stephen W. Gordon, MD
Maritza Hall, RN
Richard Hillyer, DPT, MBA, MSM
Barbara Howard, MD
Janice Izlar, CRNA, DNAP
James Sheridan, MD
Amy LaJeunesse, RN
Ken Leeman, OT
Andrew Levy, MD
Richard Marn, MD
Patricia Marshall, RN
Noel B. McDevitt, MD
Doris McFarlin, RN
Valentyna Mino, RN
Cathy Murray, RN, BSN
Jun-Ichi Ohara, MD, PhD
Jayshree Patel, MD
Rahul Sachdev, MD
Gregory H. Scimeca, MD
Alliison Stavardis, RN
Rachel Triacarico, RN
Nicole Walker, RN
Michael T. Walsh, MD
Garry Woessner, MA-CC, SLIP, MBA
Steven Yun, MD

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