Follow-Up Survey Fee Policy

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AAAASF requires 100% compliance with all Standards. Accredited facilities must be prepared for an onsite survey.

Effective October 1, 2018, AAAASF will begin charging a fee of $1,000 to all facilities that require follow- up surveys. The fee will be charged per follow-up survey with a maximum of two follow-up surveys allowed.

Medicare Facilities – Any OPT, RHC or ASC in a re-survey cycle and is cited Condition level deficiencies during the routine re-survey is required to undergo a follow-up survey. A second follow-up survey is required if condition level deficiencies exist.

Medicare Facilities with Life Safety Code Deficiencies which result in a condition level deficiency will incur a fee of $2,850.

Non-Medicare Facilities – Any ASFI, Procedural, Surgical or OMS facility that is cited a high number of deficiencies (typically 20+) or deficiencies that constitute a high level of concern by AAAASF due to the severity or nature of the deficiencies, may be subject to follow-up surveys.

Please note:  All initial onsite surveys performed prior to October 1, 2018 will not be subject to this policy. 

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