Med Art Clinic Day Surgery Center’s Accreditation Experience

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On the 10th of September 2019, Med Art Clinic Day Surgery Center was the first Dubai Health Authority Day Surgical Center to receive the gold standard in accreditation from The American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF) in Dubai, UAE.

We were privileged and honored to be accredited by one of the premier and largest non-profit outpatients accrediting organizations. AAAASF commitment in safety & quality of patient care guided us in achieving our goal to be one of the best Day Surgical Centers in Dubai, UAE that delivers world class quality cosmetic surgery and other aesthetic services.

Obtaining the gold standard in accreditation from AAAASF is a result of the effort by the entire healthcare team member working together with the guidance of AAAASF accommodating and supportive surveyors.

The accreditation from AAAASF provides a framework for the organizational structure and management. It helps improve patient safety and minimize the risk of near misses, adverse outcomes, and medical error. Ensuring patient safety through risk management and risk reduction, the ultimate goal of the quarterly self – assessment and the survey activities. Their experienced surveyors provided us with a useful, more objective assessment of our internal administrative and clinical processes with effective proposals for further improving our processes and services to the community. In the long run, it will increase our efficiency and enhance the lean practices, which translate into decreasing waste and more optimal results with less consumption of our resources.

Achieving accreditation from AAAASF helps us improve the competitiveness as a healthcare facility: rising public confidence to our facility will eventually encourage more patients to seek care and treatments which will positively impact the healthcare sector and increase our market share.

As we maintain the highest standard in Day Surgical Center, AAAASF provides us guidelines, standards and support without reservations through their easy to use, user friendly web interface, responsive helpdesk and support portal.

The online Patient Safety Data Reporting system is available 24 hours a day which means that my staff can enter our required cases when it’s convenient for them. Entering data for each case takes
less than 5 minutes, which is a testament to the well laid out, intuitive reporting system. The staff can look up procedures by name quickly and easily add notes about the procedure. Having
predefined options to choose from random cases and unanticipated sequelae allows for more accurate, consistent, and rapid entry of case information as well. The process of reporting keeps our team on its toes, making sure we are performing required task on an ongoing basis between surveys.

The greatest benefit that the data reporting presents is improving patient safety – for our center and facilities worldwide. We believe this commitment to an academic approach distinguishes AAAASF and its accredited clinics from others. The data reported is intended for medical study, evaluation and improvement of quality care, and reduction of morbidity and mortality. Internally we will be able to easily monitor and track trends that are revealed through analysis of the collected data.

Med Art Clinic Day Surgery Center is not only accredited by AAAASF we are also the first in Dubai, UAE to have six healthcare team members to fulfill the requirements set forth and is now recognized as International Surveyors for AAAASF.

Med Art Clinic Day Surgery Center is extremely proud to have achieved this recognition, a milestone that proves our long – standing commitment to superior patient care.

Haytham Habiballah
Operations Manager

Med Art Clinic Day Surgery Center
Villa 823, Jumeirah Beach Road
Umm Sequim Third, Dubai – UAE

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