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New patient safety brochures available

By February 1, 2017 No Comments
Over the years, AAAASF has designed new programs, refined standards and hosted surveyor training sessions that have engaged medical professionals. This new patient safety product will help facilities further educate patients on the benefits and importance of accreditation.

Facilities accredited by AAAASF may now demonstrate their focus on patient safety with new brochures designed by AAAASF and exclusively available to accredited facilities.

The convenient size won’t take up much space in offices and is portable for patients. The brochures explain who AAAASF is and why accreditation is important.

On a more personal level, the brochures explain why it’s important for patients to choose an accredited facility. They even suggest questions to ask before, during and after an appointment so they can receive the highest level of care possible.

View side one | View side two

Orders for the new brochure, as well as a new acrylic holder, are now being taken.

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