The following documents are available in support of your Patient Safety Data Reporting requirements:

AAAASF’s patient safety data reporting system, as required by AAAASF’s standards, requires online reporting every three (3) months.  This online reporting includes the submission of three (3) random cases for each surgeon/proceduralist and all unanticipated sequelae. The reported cases for each surgeon/proceduralist must include the first case done by each surgeon/proceduralist per month during the reporting period for a total of three (3) cases, plus all unanticipated sequelae. If a surgeon/proceduralist has not performed at least one (1) case per month, cases from other months in the period may be selected for a total of three (3) reported cases per period. AAAASF understands that unanticipated sequelae may occur at any time and has built the new reporting system to allow for unanticipated sequelae to be entered at any time.

Random Case and Unanticipated Sequela review form templates are available for your facility to understand what information will be captured; however all cases must be entered directly into the AAAASF online system. No paper forms will be accepted by the AAAASF office.

Facilities that are not compliant with case reporting will be placed on probation after the extension period ends and will be assessed a late fee of $100 per physician that is non-compliant. Facilities will have the duration of the probation period, 60 calendar days, to complete their patient safety data reporting.

If a physician using the facility has performed fewer than three (3) cases during a reporting period, that information must be reported to the AAAASF office using the Exemption form. All cases that were performed during that period must be reported through the online system.

Facilities with 10 or more physicians: AAAASF has recently renewed and strengthened its own commitment to utilize this data to advance ambulatory healthcare and provide a demonstrable and measurable level of safety in all AAAASF accredited clinics. Therefore, beginning with cases conducted on January 1, 2020, AAAASF will require that all facilities, regardless of size, submit the minimum number of random cases, three for each operating physician every three months (or all cases if fewer than three were performed by that physician), as well as all unanticipated sequelae. Waivers or exceptions to the approved process will no longer apply.

As always, if you have any questions regarding the completion of your Patient Safety Data Reporting, please contact us by phone or email