Our accredited facilities must demonstrate 100 percent compliance with our high standards for patient safety

Facilities accredited by AAAASF have taken additional steps to foster a safe environment for your health care. They must pass a rigorous evaluation process and comply with 100 percent of our standards for patient safety. An accredited facility demonstrates compliance with our strict requirements for the facility, as well as its directors, physicians, medical specialists and others. They also must pass a thorough onsite survey by a qualified AAAASF surveyor.

Patient safety is an ongoing effort. To stay accredited, our facilities must complete periodic self-surveys as well as undergo formal onsite re-surveys by a qualified surveyor. Many facilities must also partake in a peer review process in which other active members within the outpatient health care profession conduct a review. Accreditation alone cannot guarantee a positive outcome, however, it provides a level of assurance that a facility has taken action to help make patient safety a primary focus.

How do I know if a facility is accredited by AAAASF?

While facilities are required to prominently display their accreditation certificate in a public area, the best way to know if a facility is actively accredited is to contact us directly. Facilities may terminate or lose their accreditation for various reasons at any time. When you call, we will provide up-to-date information regarding a facility’s accreditation status.