The following documents are available in support of your peer review reporting requirements

Peer review is performed twice a year and includes reviews of both random cases and unanticipated operative sequelae using the AAAASF forms and reporting format. A random sample of the cases for each surgeon must include the first case done by each surgeon each month during the reporting period for a total of three cases per period. If a surgeon using the facility has done fewer than three cases during a reporting period, that must be reported to the AAAASF Central Office and all of that surgeon’s cases during that period must be reviewed.

There is a $100 charge per operating physician for random peer reviewed cases reported after the period closes. Late cases cannot be entered without payment.

Facilities with 10 or more physicians: your facility may report 3 random case reviews per physician. Upon doing so, facilities must submit all cases online and then submit the override form indicating this option. If any physicians have performed fewer than 3 cases during the Peer Review reporting period, please inform the AAAASF Office. Please note, ALL unanticipated sequelea must be reported.

As always, if you have any questions regarding the completion of your peer review, please contact us by phone or email