How to become accredited and maintain accreditation in our Outpatient Pediatric Dentistry Program

Accredited pediatric dentistry facilities must meet standards written for the delivery of safe pediatric dental care requiring unique anesthesia delivery and disinfection practices. This program is designed to ensure optimal patient safety while meeting the specific needs of the pediatric dentistry community. Review our frequently asked questions about the Pediatric Dentistry Program to learn more about the process and the benefits of becoming accredited by AAAASF.



Executive Director, Thomas S. Terranova, JD MBA MA, was recently featured on AAPD's Pedo Teeth Talk podcast. Listen in to learn more about AAAASF accreditation and how it can benefit your practice.




Accreditation Process for Outpatient Pediatric Dentistry

New Applicants

Below is a list of documentation that must be completed for the Outpatient Pediatric Dentistry Application. Please mail completed documentation to AAAASF at 7500 Grand Ave, Suite 200, Gurnee, IL 60031 or fax to 847-775-1985. You may also scan and email to

Once the documentation is received in the AAAASF office it will be reviewed within 10 business days and you will be contacted if additional paperwork is needed.

Please review the Standards and Checklist Manual carefully before submitting the completed documentation to AAAASF.

Download Application Documents


Parents & Guardians

Are you looking to better understand what it means if your child’s pediatric dentist is accredited by AAAASF? Learn more about why you should choose an accredited facility.