AAAASF broadens patient safety through training and workshops

Through periodic training programs and workshops, AAAASF helps advance patient safety by educating others to do the same. We wish to recognize the instructors who lead our training programs and workshops:

  • Dr. Monte Goldstein
  • Claudia Ann Morehead, PT
  • Dick Hillyer, DPT, MBA, MSM
  • Elsie Crawford, RN, BSN, MHA

Upcoming Training Events

Check back for upcoming training opportunities. 

To become an AAAASF surveyor, please complete the form below to be contacted about upcoming surveyor training programs. Please complete the Surveyor Attestation FormSurveyor Policies AgreementSurveyor Conflict of Interest Form, and Surveyor Code of Conduct Agreement before beginning the interest form.

Interested in becoming an AAAASF surveyor?


Surveyor Training

AAAASF surveyors are peers to the professionals for whom they survey. They are trained medical professionals dedicated to the peer-based accreditation process that has given our program national and international recognition as the gold standard in accreditation. Through periodic AAAASF training, surveyors maintain certification and provide information critical to performing high quality surveys.

AAAASF surveyors conduct thorough, consistent surveys by evaluating each facility as a whole through observation, staff and patient interviews and assessment of compliance with each standard. AAAASF surveyors must:

  1. Participate in a survey team whose size and composition is appropriate for the facility
  2. Conduct a thorough and unbiased facility survey as instructed in the documents contained in the surveyor handbook
  3. Complete the survey in accordance with the AAAASF survey schedule and checklist
  4. Follow appropriate time guidelines
  5. Complete all forms and documentation required as provided in the surveyor handbook
  6. Return all forms and documentation to the AAAASF central office in the time designated
  7. Complete a Statement of Deficiency form for each deficiency
  8. Review the facility plan of correction and the supporting documentation to verify all deficiencies have been corrected

Quality improvement methods and periodic assessment is key to maintaining the integrity of our accreditation programs. Surveyors are an integral part of the AAAASF accreditation process. AAAASF consistently evaluates its surveyors through an ongoing quality assurance process that incorporates facility feedback, objective performance metrics and random validation surveys. Surveyors must remain in good standing with AAAASF to continue performing surveys.

To inquire about becoming an AAAASF surveyor, call toll-free at 888-545-5222.

Continuing Medical Education

AAAASF also supports the American Medical Association Physician’s Recognition Award (PRA). The AMA PRA has recognized physician participation in CME for more than 40 years. AMA PRA credit is recognized and accepted by hospital credentialing bodies, state medical licensure boards and medical specialty certifying boards, as well as other organizations.

The AMA PRA program continually evolves to meet physicians’ learning needs. The Council on Medical Education welcomes input from physicians, accredited CME providers and consumers of CME credit on recommendations for revisions and additions to the AMA PRA credit system. These recommendations should be communicated to the AMA Division of Continuing Physician Professional Development (CPPD).

In support of the AMA PRA and the credit system, staff from the AMA Division of CPPD is available to answer questions from physicians, accredited CME providers or the public about compliance with the AMA PRA requirements, standards and policies. Questions may be directed to Resources are also available online at the AMA website.