How We Help Facilities

AAAASF offers a hands-on and step-by-step approach to guiding customers through the accreditation process. Immediately upon inquiry, those seeking accreditation are assigned a personal accreditation specialist. That specialist remains the primary point of contact throughout the accreditation process.

AAAASF helps you become accredited. A valuable information packet allows you to learn more about AAAASF and our accreditation process at your convenience. It features the Top 5 Keys to Successful Accreditation, Frequently Asked Questions, testimonials from satisfied customers and contact information for our accreditation leaders. Through accreditation, we help you:

  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to patient safety
  • Standardize quality measurement
  • Maintain fiscal responsibility
  • Promote services to patients
  • Collaborate with other health care leaders


How We Help Patients

AAAASF helps you verify if a facility is actively accredited. Our accreditation process includes a review of physician credentials. Feel free to contact us with the name and address of the facility in question.

Educated patients are the best patients. Ask to see the facility’s valid accreditation certificate. Each accredited facility is re-evaluated every year and must comply with all AAAASF accreditation standards. Upon approval, a new accreditation certificate is awarded and prominently displayed in the facility.

To earn AAAASF accreditation, a facility must comply with 100% of the standards in all categories of AAAASF accreditation. An accredited facility meets our strict requirements for facility directors, medical specialist certifications and staff credentials. It also passed a thorough survey by a qualified AAAASF surveyor.

Accredited facilities present our Patient Bill of Rights to reflect their commitment to quality health care.

For more information on what you can do before, during and after your appointment, a Patient Fact Sheet is available.


How We Help Surveyors

AAAASF trains surveyors to perform a thorough and complete facility survey. AAAASF also conducts periodic surveyor training sessions to review new standards and procedures.

Outpatient and International surveyors must be board certified medical specialists. Medicare surveyors must be qualified practitioners with a current license.

Quality improvement methods and periodic assessments are key to maintaining the integrity of our accreditation programs. Surveyors are an integral part of the AAAASF accreditation process. AAAASF consistently evaluates its surveyors through an ongoing quality assurance process that incorporates facility feedback, objective performance metrics and random validation surveys. Surveyors must remain in good standing with AAAASF to continue performing surveys.